Students' Community


GSMMK has good football ground and a volleyball court, part of the reason the school has always excelled in these two sports. The school’s trophy cabinet is full of numerous awards that its football and volleyball teams have collected over the years.

The department of sports, culture and entertainment, which works in collaboration with the discipline office to prepare a schedule of activities for competitions for every academic year.

To achieve their goals, the school created competitive groups and also put in place patrons for each group to lead and guide them. 

For many years,GS Marie Merci KIBEHO’s dominance in sports has been outstanding. The school’s sports excellence is drawn from its mission to make extra-curricular activities part of the learning process.


Groupe Scolaire Marie Merci Kibeho also aspires to be the school where students can explore their potential, whether in class, on the pitch or off the pitch. Student clubs at the school have been important in helping the students discover their hidden potential. 

And this, according to the management, is not a coincidence but a deliberate process where the education system of the school develops all-round students who go on to excel in other aspects of life.

The following are the currently active clubs/associations at GSMMK


  • AERG


  • Anti-crimes club
  • Anti-SIDA club
  • Scout
  • Debate club
  • Media club