About Us

Groupe Scolaire Marie Merci KIBEHO is a Secondary boarding school of Catholic Church (free subsidiary) in particular belonging to Gikongoro Catholic Diocese (by convention with the government of Rwanda). This school has been established in September 1986 from the idea of Lay catholic Christian parents of the region with a great purpose of facilitating students who walked long distances for schooling at that period. Furthermore, another idea of its foundation was in the Development line of increasing boarding schools in the former Gikongoro province. The School started with two Sections: Economics and Biology-Chemistry, but after three years the school introduced another Section called Mathematics-Physics in 1989-1990 academic year.

After the Genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi, Groupe Scolaire Marie Merci KIBEHO reopened his doors in 1998 with only an Ordinary Level. In 2010 the School has introduced two combinations namely: Mathematics-Economics and Geography (MEG) andMathematics-Physics and Geography (MPG) and then after, in 2013 the school got other two combinations which are Mathematics-Computer science and Economics (MCE) and Mathematics-Physics and Computer Science (MPC).