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GSMMK has good football ground and a volleyball court, part of the reason the school has always excelled in these two sports. The school’s trophy cabinet is full of numerous awards that its football and volleyball teams have collected over the years.

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Umwiherero w’abarezi ba groupe scolaire marie merci kibeho
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GSMMK has fully equipped computer labs for ICT teaching. It is a WiFi school where internet is available to staff and students in all major buildings. In addition, all classrooms at GSMMK are installed with projectors to enhance the teaching by teachers. The days of Chalkboards are steadily phasing out at GSMMK. The school has quickly adopted the Government program of adopting smart classrooms. All students use laptops for notes taking and research, using free wifi at school.

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At GSMMK, we regard the Library as the focal point of the learning experience, providing students and staff with information and reading materials, as well as teaching and learning resources. Library is the hub of our school and they are extremely well stocked with resources. It is particularly successful in providing a warm and comfortable environment for reading and information sourcing. There is always a librarian or an assistant librarian to assist with finding information from the different resources in the libraries. The library is open from 8.00am–5.00pm on weekdays and 9.00am-2.00pm on Saturdays. The Library is well stocked with over 20,000 text books and pamphlets for both O and A level.

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Why Study at GSMMK ?

Our school Groupe Scolaire Marie Merci KIBEHO will have been the school where every learner is proud of studying science and technology, which will help him/her to succeed, to behave well and developing social interaction spirit that will lead him/her to contribute to sustainable development of our country.

Educating the right person spiritually, healthily who is delighted by God and

1. To teach curriculum as designed by the MINEDUC
2. To develop the Rwandan citizen thinking autonomy, patriotic sprit, a sense of civil freedom, to value the work, and moral conscious.
3. To promote peace culture and insist on Rwandan universal values of justice, peace, tolerance, respect of human rights, gender equality, solidarity and democracy.
4. To educate citizen and make him/her escapes from any form of discrimination such as sex discrimination, exclusion and favoritism.

About Us

Groupe Scolaire Marie Merci KIBEHO is a Secondary boarding school of Catholic Church (free subsidiary) in particular belonging to Gikongoro Catholic Diocese (by convention with the government of Rwanda).

This school has been established in September 1986 from the idea of Lay catholic Christian parents of the region with a great purpose of facilitating students who walked long distances for schooling at that period. Furthermore, another idea of its foundation was in the Development line of increasing boarding schools in the former Gikongoro province.

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Welcome Message


With great honour, I am glad to have served as the Headmaster of Groupe Solaire Marie Merci Kibeho for this long.
It gives me the opportunity to serve my beloved country and particularly our children ; nurturing them into responsible, patriotic and charismatic citizens that positively contribute to the development of the nation, Rwanda.

The Latest News

Abanyshuli biga muri groupe scolaire Marie Merci Kibeho barishimira umusaruro bagenzi babo basoje ibyiciro byombi mu 2021 bagize.

Abadepite bashimiye Groupe Scolaire Marie Merci Kibeho intambwe nziza mubumenyi kuri Gahunda ya Ndi Umunyarwanda no kurwanya ruswa.
20 February 2022
Hon.Depite Muhongayire...
Ibyishimo byinshi kubanyeshuri bagarutse gutangira umwaka wa 2021/2022 muri GS Marie Merci Kibeho.
10 October 2021
Umuyobozi ushinzwe amasomo yakira abanyeshuri, Nyuma y'uko Minisiteri y’Uburezi itangaje...
GS Marie merci kibeho igicumbi cy'imikino y'ubwoko bwose muri nyaruguru.
16 February 2021
GS Marie merci kibeho ni ikigo kiyoborwa n'abihaye imana b'aba padiri.ni ikigo kizwiho imitsindire...